How Much Does Studio Movie Grill Pay? (Solution)

How much does Studio Movie Grill pay their employees? The typical income for a Restaurant Manager at Studio Movie Grill ranges from roughly $62,500 per year to $91,836 per year for a General Manager, with the lowest salary being $62,500. The typical hourly wage at Studio Movie Grill ranges from roughly $18 per hour for a Server to $24 per hour for a Food Server, with the highest pay being $24 per hour.

What’s it like to work at Studio Movie Grill?

Being a part of the studio movie grill team is a really enjoyable, productive, and gratifying profession. There are days when you believe you are doing the best work of your life, and other days when you wish you could resign. Managers have a tendency to favor some employees while remaining unprepared for the day. The coworkers might be a mixed bag.

Who is Studio Movie Grill owned by?

MARK SCHULTZ, ONE OF THE FOUNDERS. It is the mission of Studio Movie Grill to expand hearts and minds one tale at a time.

Who is the CEO of Studio Movie Grill?

At the grand opening of the Studio Movie Grill Glendale site on October 17, CEO and owner Brian Schultz, left, and board member Michael Lambert were both in attendance.

How do I redeem my Groupon on Studio Movie Grill?

The voucher can be used at the theater box office or online at; after it has expired, it must be redeemed at the theater box office.

How long are Studio movie Grill previews?

Trailers are often available 15–20 minutes after the scheduled start time. This is subject to vary depending on the number of trailers shown, the length of time a film is in theaters, and the removal of trailers when new films are released.

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What is SMG access?

As the only theater loyalty club that pays you while also providing movies and food to worthy neighbors in your town, SMG Access® is the best of both worlds. This card can be used to purchase movie tickets, food, and non-alcoholic drinks at any of the locations. SMG will also make a donation of a movie and a meal to a deserving nonprofit in your neighborhood.

How do I check the balance on my Studio movie Grill gift card?

For questions about your account balance, contact 888-892-3813.

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