About Ocean Grill

Situated in a lush tropical setting in Cruz Bay, St John, Ocean Grill offers California cuisine with a tropical flair. A popular local hangout imbued with an island romance, the Ocean Grill offers a unique island dining experience!


John has worked in the restaurant industry from his first job forward. As a California native he recognized the importance of using only the freshest foods available, and favors a “cleaner” approach to dishes. No heavy masking sauces for him!

As a St John visitor, John was inspired by the beauty and casual style of the Caribbean, and made a permanent move to St John in 2006. It was his dream to leave behind the preponderance of national chain style restaurants of Southern California and capture that perfect combination of relaxed and casual atmosphere coupled with an uncomplicated, flavorful & interesting menu, in a restaurant of his own.

He also mixes a mean drink, and can plan the perfect private party. John loves to scout around, from Cruz Bay to foreign countries, for new flavors and presentations. He loves to talk about, and taste foods and wine from all over. John is an integral part of the menu construction and is the driving force and Big Cheese at Ocean Grill.



Trusty side-kick to John, Patty is classically trained from the Cordon Bleu, Guiliano Bugiali’s Italian Cooking School in Florence, Tante Marie’s Cooking School, San Francisco, and also extensive seminar classes with renowned chefs such as Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Paul Prudhomme, etc.

Patty creates all of the delectable housemade desserts at Ocean Grill. The dessert menu changes daily to reflect the seasonal availability, as well as her whim and fancy.
One of the highlights of her day is to introduce something new to the menu, either the main menu or the dessert menu, give a taste to John and all the staff and see smiles on their faces.

One of her beliefs is that there is little in the world that can’t be made a little better with a little cream and sugar.

She is also the office manager, and if you’re thinking that it’s an odd combination of creativity and bookishness, then that explains the somewhat messy appearance of her desk!



Kevin comes to St John from his birthplace of Dayton, OH via, most recently, Fort Collins, CO. During a brief stopover while on a cruise, Kevin fell in love with St John; one more visit, staying only on St John, cinched the deal. He and his recent bride, Erin, moved down to stay in October of 2008. He has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years, and it’s a natural fit. At the Ocean Grill he is our tireless bartender/manager and always wins the “most organized” award. An avid Steelers fan, he also enjoys the outdoor opportunities on St John. You can find Kevin behind the bar where he mixes a mean drink, knows where everything is, and is in charge of our live music schedule.



As a 7 year old John Gillfillan described him, “Tim can fix anything in the world except dinner”. And thank goodness we have him as our on-call (sorry, Tim) all around go to guy for “yes, we can” improve the lighting, add shelves, wire new equipment, build it, light it, fix it, do everything but fix dinner guy – and that part is ok, because we have excellent chefs for that.